18 May

Romanized K-Pop & J-Pop Songs

두 개의 달이 뜨는 밤 (Two Moons) (Feat. Key of SHINee)
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ama ttok gata bo i getjiman
geureon bbeonhan geot deul gidae hajima
imi il deo hagi il daben jeoldaero dul Nah~
Welcome to the night


Romanized lyrics by me! Colour coding by Kim (see comments)!
So if you take these lyrics, please credit me here!



Today, I still couldn’t see that miracle
Don’t ask if this is a dream anymore
I’m waiting, my heart is burning, time is being wasted
It’s too wasteful to just pass this by tonight

I cry like a wolf, whoa this feelin’
Shivers are going down all over my body
So electrifying

The moon is rising soon, the moon is rising
Ready set…

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